Song of Nature

pitter patter..

spitter spatter..


compassion strong..

from the heart..

we impart..

azure rays..


as we are..

making a star..

of mother earth..

a rebirth..

collective darlings..

become starlings..

prepare to fly..

by and by..

drop within..

and lets begin..

to meditate..

and radiate..

our love to earth..

grace and mirth..

our new reality..

every locality..

near and far..

because we are..

united one..

bright shining sun..

we light dancer..

have the answer..

to every question..

is meditation..

as love we cast..

present, future & past..

the clear the way..

for our new day..

& paint the world blue..

divine compassionate hue..


– Ann Sinclair –


contact Ann at
what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie

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